Spanish Aid to the norteamericano rebels

On March 25, 1777, the American ship, Tabby, with Captain Hodges departed from Spain to the US, carrying supplies to the rebels.  The ship brought blankets, quinine (medicine), and cloth for uniforms.  The shipments were arranged by Spanish Basque merchant Diego Maria de Gardoqui, and the supplies were paid for by the Spanish government.  Meanwhile, back in the colonies, the rebels continued to struggle with securing and maintaining supplies.  On March 23, 1777, a British raiding party of 10 ships sailed up the Hudson River and attacked an American supply base in New York, destroying a large quantity of Continental Army supplies. This was one of many raids by the British to destroy the weak rebel supply lines, and the shipment was one of many from Spain and South America to support the desperate US Continental Army.

Spanish aid during the American Revolutionary War (1776-1781)

On March 10, 1777, Spanish Minister  José Moñino, conde de Floridablanca, wrote a secret dispatch concerning Spain’s support of the North American rebels in the struggle against Britiain, “the fate of the colonies interests us very much, and we shall do for them everything that circumstances permit….”   Moñino also discussed the steady flow of aid and military supplies that Spain was sending through Louisiana and directly from Spain’s northeastern ports, as well as financing through letters of credit in the Netherlands through Dutch banks.  This Spanish assistance was critical in helping the US to win the American Revolutionary War.