Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration in the American Revolutionary War

On March 17, 1780, George Washington declared one of the earliest celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day in the US as our country struggled with the rebellion against the British. The Army was in winter camp at Morristown, New Jersey, during some of the coldest days of the Revolutionary War.  The Continental Army included large numbers of Irish volunteers, and Washington wanted to honor these men.  An estimated 40% of the Continental Army troops were immigrants, who were truly committed to their new country.

Bernardo de Galvez captures the British Fort Charlotte

On March 14, 1780, Spanish Army soldiers and local volunteers led by Bernardo de Galvez captured the British Fort Charlotte in Mobile, Alabama.  This victory was part of Galvez’s sweep from New Orleans, Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida.  The Spanish forces effectively diverted many British Army troops from fighting against the US Continental Army in the southern colonies during the American Revolutionary War.  The British were attempting to divide the rebels into northern and southern territories.