Francisco Saavedra de Sangronis, Our Man in Havana

On January 22, 1781, Francisco Saavedra de Sangronis and Bernardo de Gálvez met for the first time in Havana, Cuba.  Saavedra was a soldier, diplomat and agent sent by Spanish King Carlos III to the Caribbean.  His mission was to assist the North American rebels in our fight against the British in the American Revolutionary War.  Gálvez was already assisting the Americans with covert shipments of arms and ammunition.  Saavedra later assisted the French, also US allies, to prepare for the crucial Battle of the Capes later that year.

Latinx in the American Revolutionary War 1781

On January 2, 1781, Spanish Captain Eugenio Pourré and his soldiers left the Spanish fort in Saint Louis, Illinois, to march over 350 miles in the cold winter to Saint  Joseph, Michigan.  There, they battled against the British who were trying to hold the western states during the American Revolutionary War.  The Spanish quickly captured the British fort, and set fire to the British munitions and supplies.  This campaign was part of the collaboration between the Spanish and the North American rebels throughout the Revolutionary War.  It ended the British threat in the upper Mississippi.  Please visit for more information on the Latinx and Spanish assistance during the American Revolutionary War.