Undocumented US Forces Invade Panama 1860

On September 27, 1860, undocumented US forces invaded the sovereign nation of Colombia at the Bay of Panama, to ‘protect’ North American interests during a revolution. At least, that was the North American perspective.  The Colombian perspective was that the US was interfering with their sovereignty while the Colombians legitimately defended their nation from insurrection by enemy combatants.  (No watermelons were implicated or harmed in this invasion – please refer to September 19, 1856.)

Death of William Walker, All American Terrorist

To the great relief of millions of Central American and Mexican citizens, terrorist and enemy combatant William Walker was killed on September 12, 1860 in Trujillo, Honduras.  For a long brutal decade, Walker had invaded various countries, attempting to reestablish slavery for African Americans and enslave the Native Americans in undemocratic dictatorships headed by himself.  Walker was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned a medical degree and practiced law in his early career. While he is listed in US history books as an “adventurer”, I won’t print the words by which he is remembered in Latinx history (this is a family-friendly app).