Sara Perez, truly a First Lady

Standing with every truly great man is a great woman, and the extraordinary life of Mexican Revolutionaries Francisco and Sara Madero is an inspiring example.   On January 26, 1903, Madero married the love of his life, Sara Perez, and Madero soon decided to enter politics.  Madero was the first freely elected President after years of dictatorship.  He dedicated himself to the betterment of Mexico’s citizens.  He was assassinated 10 years later.

Assassination of Narciso Gener Gonzales, Leading Editor

On January 19, 1903, Narciso Gener Gonzales was assassinated by James H. Tillman, the Lieutenant Governor whom he had campaigned against.  Gonzales was a Cuban American born in South Carolina.  With his brother, Gonzales founded The State newspaper.  Tillman was acquitted of the murder.  A monument honoring Gonzales stands near the South Carolina State house.