Rita Hayworth / Margarita Carmen Cansino

A star was born!  Among the Hispanic-Americans that you may not know was Hispanic is Margarita Carmen Cansino, who achieved worldwide fame as Hollywood’s glamorous Rita Hayworth.  Her father was an immigrant from Spain, where her Spanish grandfather was a renowned bolero dancer.  Hayworth appeared in 61 movies over her 37 year career, and earned a place as one of 25 women in the American Film Institute’s listing of Greatest Stars of All Time.  The nationally loved star was a favorite of US troops during World War II, and her screensaver (called ‘pin-up’ back then) graced the walls of many overseas barracks.  Off-screen, her life was complicated, with several high profile marriages that ended in divorce and struggles with alcoholism.  Cansino finally succumbed to Alzheimer’s related illnesses in 1987.