The Mark of Zorro 1920

The iconic mark of “Z” was first slashed on North American movie screens on November 27, 1920, with the release of the Hollywood film, “The Mark of Zorro”. The mythic tale stars a mysterious masked hero who defends the poor and exploited against the rich and oppressive (99% versus 1%). Flashing his sword, swirling his cape, and always narrowly escaping on his faithful horse, Zorro inevitably triumphs without revealing his identity, and lives to fight another day.  Hollywood megastar Douglas Fairbanks starred in this first screen version, and Hollywood actually managed to cast a Latinx actor, Antonio Banderas, for the 1998 version.  Ole!

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, Hollywood Star

One of Hollywood’s leading men of the 20th century, Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, was born on November 25, 1920, in Mexico City, Mexico. Montalbán entertained audiences across the Americas.  In the US, his most famous appearances were as Mr. Roarke in the TV series “Fantasy Island” and as a truly evil illegal alien in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. For decades, Montalbán was the Go-To Guy for ethnic roles in Hollywood, and he was cast as an American Indian, Babylonian, Brazilian, Cuban, and occasionally, even as a Mexican. Montalbán was deeply committed to improving the image of Latinos in the media, and he supported the activist organization, Nosotros.