Happy Birthday to Lupe Serrano, Prima Ballerina

Happy Birthday to Lupe Serrano, who first danced into the world on December 7, 1930, in Santiago, Chile.  Serrano was the first Hispanic principal ballerina at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Her debut recital was at her third birthday, when she insisted on performing for her guests. She studied with the Mexico City Ballet and in New York and Santiago.  Her dazzling performances graced stages around the world for half a century.  Serrano danced with the American Ballet Theatre for almost two decades, and her roles included the great classics as well as modern ballets.  After retiring from stage performances, Serrano continued to teach young aspiring dancers, commenting that, “I continue to be in love with this art and still haven’t lost my pleasure for the dance.”

Happy Birthday to Luis Estevez de Galvez, Fashion Designer

Happy Birthday to Luis Estevez de Galvez, the award-winning fashion designer born in Havana, Cuba on December 5, 1930.  Estevez studied architecture at the University of Havana and fashion design at the Traphagen School in New York.  Estevez worked with a number of leading fashion designers and theater productions.  He dressed many famous women, including two former First Ladies, Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan. In 1990, he won the Hispanic Designers’ lifetime achievement award.  Estevez said of his career, “I’m most grateful to God for the gift of an energetic talent and my parents for exposing me to significant style–living life to the fullest and showing me the living discipline that helped me do all I’ve done