Happy Birthday to Frank Tejeda

US Marine Corps veteran and Congressman Frank Tejeda was born in San Antonio, Texas on October 2, 1945. After serving in the Marines and being wounded in action in the Vietnam War, Tejeda returned to school to earn a BA from St. Mary’s University, law degrees from the University of California and Yale, and an MA from Harvard’s Kennedy School.  He served in the Texas House of Representatives, and was elected to the US Congress in 1992.  In Congress, he worked to improve services for veterans and furthering rights for minorities, before his early death at age 51.

Happy Birthday to Rodney Cline Carew

Happy birthday to Rodney Cline Carew, considered one of modern baseball’s greatest hitters.  The Major League Player also excelled as a first baseman, second baseman and coach. Carew was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991.  Carew’s mother was Panamanian, and he was born on a train traveling through the Panama Canal Zone.  During the racial segregation of the 1940’s that was implemented in the Canal Zone, his mother was in the rear car when she went into labor.  A physician on the train, Dr. Rodney Cline, delivered Carew, and the famous MLB player is his namesake.