Happy Birthday to Maria Robledo Montecel, Educator

Happy Birthday to Maria Robledo Montecel, born on January 14, 1953.  Montecel is a dedicated educator who has devoted her life to improving educational opportunities for minorities and the poor.  Montecel works to address the steep high school dropout rate among young Latino students.  She earned an M Ed from Antioch College, and a Ph D in urban education.  Montecel has served as the Executive Director of the Intercultural Development Research Association. (Photo from IDRA site)

We all loved Lucy Arnaz

January 13, 1953 was a momentous day in history, as popular US President and war hero Dwight Eisenhower was sworn into office.  But according to the New York Times, more Americans tuned in to watch the birth of “little Ricky” (Desi Arnaz, Jr.) on the even more popular “I Love Lucy” show than President Eisenhower’s inauguration.  For those of you too young to remember Eisenhower or “I Love Lucy”, the show starred beloved comedian Lucille Ball and her real life Cuban born husband, Desi Arnaz.