Happy Birthday Carlos Ismael Noriega

Happy Birthday to NASA astronaut and US Marine Corps officer Carlos Ismael Noriega, born on October 8, 1959, in  Lima, Peru.  Noriega earned a BS at the University of Southern California and two MS degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School.  During Noriega’s career at NASA, he accomplished two spaceflight missions, logging over 481 hours in space, including over 19 hours on three spacewalks. On his 1997 space mission, he participated on the space shuttle to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station, Mir. Back on earth, one of his most important missions is as the father of five children.

Fidel Castro, Premier of Cuba 1959

On February 16, 1959 Fidel Castro became the Premier of Cuba after the dictator Fulgenicio Batista was overthrown on January 1.  The CIA and US government attempted to overthrow and undermine Castro for decades through blockades, trade embargoes, and invasion, but Castro and his family ruled Cuba through April 2018.

El 16 de febrero 1959 Fidel Castro se convirtió en el Primer Ministro de Cuba, después de que el dictador Batista Fulgenicio fue derrocado el 1 de enero. La CIA y el gobierno de los EE.UU. han tratado de derrocar a Castro y socavar durante décadas a través de bloqueos, embargos comerciales, y la invasión, pero Castro y su familia gobernaron Cuba hasta abril de 2018.

Rigoberta Menchú

Happy Birthday to Rigoberta Menchú, a Quiché Indian woman, born on January 9, 1959 in Guatemala.   Menchú is a civil rights activist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1992 for her work on behalf of the indigenous people of Guatemala.  The struggle for indigenous rights has continued since 1492.  Please click here to read her acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize.