America Georgina Ferrera

Happy Birthday to America Georgina Ferrera, the Hispanic American actress best known for her lead role in the television comedy series, “Ugly Betty”.   California-born Ferrera is the daughter of Honduran immigrants.  In an interview with Back Stage West, she related that her mother had immigrated “for the sole purpose that my siblings and I could get an education, could have every opportunity in the business world, and whatever we wanted to pursue would be at our fingertips.”  Ferrera studied theater and international relations at the University of Southern California.  She starred in numerous and diverse roles in her young life, including “Real Women have Curves”, “How to Train Your Dragon” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.

US CIA meddling in Central America (again)

On April 10, 1984, the US Senate formally condemned the mining of the harbor of Nicaragua.  As part of their effort to assist the Contras, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) placed explosive mines in the Nicaraguan harbor in a covert operation, without permission from the US government.  (As a certain former Texas Governor would say, Oops!)  Nicaragua sued the US in the World Court, and in June 1986 the World Court ruled that the US was guilty of violating international law.