Dr. Ed Avila, the 1999 Teacher of the Year Award

On January 25, 1999, Hispanic Magazine and Nordstrom Inc. announced that Dr. Ed Avila won the 1999 Teacher of the Year Award. Avila directed the Endeavour Academy, an engineering and applied science preparatory school, where he developed the curriculum and teaches classes.  He contributed to the development of the Youth Aerospace Discovery Program, a weekly one-day seminar for students ages 8 to 15.  Avila earned a degree in aeronautical engineering from the US Air Force Academy, and two Masters degrees and a Ph D in engineering and aeronautics.  (Photo by HispanicBusiness.com)


Charter Flights to Cuba

On January 5, 1999, the Clinton administration (Bill, not Hil) approved direct charter flights from New York and Los Angeles to Cuba.  Secretary of State Madeline Albright made the announcement, which was heralded as the most significant change in policy toward Cuba in decades.  Travel was restricted to humanitarian-aid workers, athletes, scholars, teachers, and researchers, but no tourists were permitted.  An estimated 140,000 US citizens were able to visit Cuba in 1999.