“Selena Vive!”

“Selena Vive!” aired live on April 7, 2005, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.  Jennifer Lopez starred as Selena.  According to Nielsen ratings, the show earned a 35.9 Hispanic Television index rating, which translates into 3.9 million viewing households.  It was the highest rating ever for a Spanish-language TV special. “The Selena legacy continues unabated,” stated Jorge Pino, president/ chairman of EMI Music US Latin. “And what we were able to see in the concert is that her fan base is made up of older and younger people.”

Hispanic Business Magazine 2005 Woman of the Year

Hispanic Business Magazine, a leading English language publication, announced on April 4, 2005, that attorney Brigida Benitez won their 2005 Woman of the Year (WOY) Award.  Benitez was one of the principal attorneys for the University of Michigan in the affirmative action cases that were heard by the Supreme Court in 2003. These affirmative action cases were in courts for six years.  Benitez worked on the project from the first filing in Michigan to the final oral arguments before the Supreme Court, winning a landmark case for diversity in the US. Benitez now serves as Chief of the Office of Institutional Integrity of the Inter-American Development Bank.