Challenging Arizona’s SB1070

On April 25, 2012, the US Supreme Court heard the case brought by the US Department of Justice against the State of Arizona’s SB1070 anti-immigrant law.  The controversial law has been heatedly debated throughout the nation.  The following is the opening statement, as prepared for delivery, by US Congressional Representative Luis V. Gutierrez: “The Obama Administration’s case against Arizona’s SB1070 is an important effort by the Attorney General and the President to take a stand against racial profiling. They are showing that when injustice is condoned by individual states in express violation of the Constitution, the federal government can and will take action to protect the rights of its people.”  (Photo by Competitive Enterprise Institute)

Hispanicize 2012

Hispanicize 2012 opened on April 10, 2012 in Miami, Florida.  Their web site describes the event as:  “Hispanicize 2012 brings brands, media, marketers, celebrities, filmmakers, innovators and bloggers together in a unique creative environment focused on creative ideas and best practices. The conference is a launch pad for creative endeavors, new products, technologies, marketing campaigns, films, books and more targeting Latinos.” As of 2017, Hispanicize is in its 8th year, continuing to inspire Latinos and Latinas in the Media.  Please visit the Hispanicize FaceBook Page.